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Testimonials — a few words from satisfied clients

"After my husbandís sudden death Karen saved me from the chaos of dealing with all that needed to be done. Prioritizing, organizing, and getting rid of the unnecessary paperwork was a great help!" — J.A., Naples

"What a relief it was when we were unexpectedly, mandatorily evacuated that I could go to the home box and pull the insurance file and the business box and pull that one! I blessed you 100 times!" — C.K., Bonita Springs

"Paperwork is my nemesis! When I started working with Karen in 2013 she had to set up the system and organize the many boxes of paper I had. Karen comes in every 6 to 8 weeks and enables me to operate effectively around my extreme ADD. This is the best and most important bill I pay. Thank you Karen — you help make my life work." — A.B., Naples

"I love what you do. I am so thrilled to have everything so well organized, I am telling everyone about you. Thank you." — M.E., Naples

"Thank you so much for helping me this afternoon and for accommodating to the pace I needed to work at. I always feel so much lighter and happier about getting to my "to do" list and being in my office after you've organized with me!" — D.D., Bonita Springs

"You provide a wonderful service. My husband has stayed with it and there is not a single paper on the floor nor any decorating the couches. Thank you so much." — E.V., Bonita Springs

"Karen Bucy is terrific. She works quickly, wasting no time and staying on task. Asks great questions to help her analyze the needs. Develops a system. I have never worked with a professional organizer so I did not know what to expect. But, after working with her for a few hours about once a month, my office life has changed. Files are in order, and more importantly, her system makes me able to find almost every document that I can imagine needing. Simply stated, she is a consummate professional." — B.C., Naples

"You did a great job for us. My office is now free of clutter and I have a system that keeps me organized." — G.B., Naples

"Karen is just the BEST in terms of organization. She has helped me with a variety of things that I did not / would not / could not make progress on myself. And she works very efficiently so that much is accomplished in one visit." — S.F., Bonita Springs, FL

"I am a personal friend of Karen's. When my husband became ill and was unable to participate in office details anymore, of course, the duties came to me. Previously I had taken care of some of our files but not to the extent that was now required of me. I called Karen and she set up an appointment immediately. There was no idle chit chat — the two of us got down immediately to the business at hand. We had papers, files, etc. all over my office. However, when the session ended we had shredded many obsolete papers as well as organized and labeled everything to my liking and my understanding. She is very business oriented when dealing with clients and I would certainly recommend her to anyone in need of her expertise and services." — S.S., Bonita Springs, FL

"Before I called Karen, I was knee deep in paper that was not well organized. My office is now a pleasant place to work." — C.S., Bonita Springs, FL

"Thank you for all the time I now save by not getting lost finding files. You are not only very good at organizing but also quick and intuitive. I am very happy with how you laid out my paper files and computer files in a way that is logical to me." — S.C., Bonita Springs, FL

"Our office had become completely overrun with paper and clutter that had been building up ever so gradually for the past 10 years, and things had gotten to the point that we hated to even go in that area anymore. Things had gotten so bad that the thought of going through the office from top to bottom and getting everything organized was so overwhelming that we just couldn't get started and the problem just got worse."

"Having you at our side prevented us from finding reasons that "Today wasn't a good day to tackle this project" or "We just don't have time to organize the office". So we rolled up our sleeves and we got it done — much to our own amazement at just how much we could accomplish with the right direction and the help of a professional organizer like yourself."

"I have no doubt that without your help, we might never have dealt with the chaos that had developed in our home office. Now, everything has a place, the office is neat and we are not only very productive in it, we actually enjoy being in that area and we are very motivated to keep things organized. Having watched a problem such as ours develop over 10 years' time and having felt the frustration with it for so long, it was definitely an empowering experience to completely knock out this project over the course of a long weekend!"

"Thanks again for all of your help, we could not have done it without you and please feel free to share our story with others as a testament to the value and professionalism of your services." — K.R and R.R., Arlington, TX

"I have an organized start to my new year thanks to your help. I want to thank you once again for ALL of your help. I have finally gotten all my files reorganized in the proper locations, both physical and computer. It was a lot of effort, but worth it." — C.J., Lake Oswego, OR


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